‘How to know about the virus?’

Indira and Saveria Cristofari

The child draws.
The mother is next to her.
The child draws and asks questions.
The mother is intrigued.
The child draws, asks questions and begins to investigate.
The mother and child get caught up in the game of telling stories.
The child and the mother are in Singapore.
They have to stay at home.
Outside there is this virus.
They do not see it but feel it.

Indira is the illustrator. She is 6 ½ years old and she lives in Singapore. Her mother is her accomplice. The narrative is interspersed with philosophical musings. It invites adults and children to be creative and to express their feelings in the present moment.
If you would like to buy a copy of the book, please contact Saveria at [email protected]


Indira loves gymnastics. She knows how to handstand and wants to learn how to do back-walks on beam. She practises Bharatanatyam; she is an artist at heart. She loves it when her father reads stories at night and pretends to be a clown; she enjoys making collages and writing stories with her mom. She adores zooming to play Fubuki with her Ama and Grand-Père and learning Mandarin. She recently learnt to read and write. She was born in Paris and currently lives in Singapore. 


Saveria Cristofari

Saveria Cristofari collaborates as an psychotherapist and artist for the association ArtTherapy4All which works to recognize the link between art and mental health. Her work has been exhibited at Beverley Knowles Fine Art, Kingsgate Community Centre Cafe, The Street Gallery of University College Hospital, The Tavistock and Portman Clinic, The Center for Better Health, Studio Upstairs, Aliwal Art Centre (theatre), The Alliance Francaise of Singapore, Ben Uri Gallery. She has worked in primary schools to support children and their families to develop their resilience and creativity. This is the first mother-child narrative about their personal experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. She is currently working as a psychotherapist in private practise in Singapore.